My Journey

"The only journey is the one within"


In my journey to becoming fit and active, I came across this application that offers several activities - from high intensity sports, to yoga, dances and others. I've been using this app for a couple of months now. It's called ONEFIT. I'm not sure if it's available in other countries, so far, I've only seen it in the Netherlands. Last winter, I kept myself warm by attending the hot yoga classes. But now, my focused changed to encourage mindfulness, I started attending this class called Transformative Yoga from Ubuntu . It's done in a normal room temperature with colour coordinated pillows and mats. It's located in the ground floor in one of the houses by the canals. Not to mention that it's just our neighbour so it's very convenient. The focus of this activity is more on breathing for relaxing the mind and body. Most of the times, the classes are in Dutch. Nevertheless, I still find it very relaxing. This activity combined with the acupuncture, helped revived my spirit. 


I really enjoyed using this Onefit app. Fees are paid on a monthly basis so it's like a membership app where you can enjoy a wide-range of sports.