My Journey

"The only journey is the one within"


After our tragic loss, I've decided to slightly change the course of my health. I started researching and I wanted something that will help me recover both physically and emotionally without going through any medication. I read about this Acupuncture and how it can potentially help hormonal imbalance. I am not really sure whether I am suffering from one, but from reading of some symptoms, I've decided to try this treatment and see if there can be an improvement in my well-being. 


So I started the session. At the beginning, I have to share the story to the practitioner and I guess we both understood what my end goal will be. I haven't done this type of treatment before and looking at the needles, I must say that they shouldn't be that scary. I guess those pricking sessions during my facial treatments before were probably more painful than this. 


We began our first session and knowing a typical Dutch practitioner, based on epxperience, the sessions are quite straight-forward. There's not so much talking. I lay down on the heated bed, like a massage table, and she will start poking needles on different parts of my body. As expected, you won't feel anything in most of the needles. Probably 2 or 3 will have a slight sensation especially during my period. Once all the needles are in place, a heating device will be targeted on my lower abdomen and then the rest of the 40 minutes will be spent on my relaxation and just hoping that something good is working on inside my body. I really like the session as it feels really meditative. I would often find myself starting to fall asleep and just let my mind wander until I hear the alarm that signals that my session is over. So far, I am on my 8th session and counting. I do this every week. Whether I feel any change or benefit, I couldn't 100% confirm although I've started seeing and feeling some changes before, during and every after my period. Just last month, I had my period pretty smooth, no PMS symptoms, no bloating, no acne breakout and other stuff. So, whether that's because of the session, or because of the personal changes that I've also started doing in terms of my diet and other wellness activities, all I know is that I feel good every after session. I will keep on updating this post as and when interesting changes occur.