My Journey

"The only journey is the one within"

Community Journey

Hey there! I am here to share in this social realm, my life's journey. This will become my journal for any activities I feel like sharing.


This section will mostly cover community activities such as volunteer works, images and stories that depict social and cultural relevance. These are not necessarily my personal journey instead those of the people around me. I look forward to contributing a positive impact to those who need it. 


I still have high hopes that one day I get to travel and live in a remote town and offer my skills and assistance towards uplifting their journey as a community. I did a Masters on Public Management specialising in volunteer works. Though I am not professionally engaged in this area yet, somehow, I would like to get involved even in my spare time. 


I would like to take and share images that depict social conditions and voice out people's personal journey through these photos. I am excited to start this initiative.